Sara Swimfun

Hello all! Welcome to my page, my name is Sara and I live in Swimfun. In September 2018 I settled down at Swimfun after my long search for a warm nest. I have been everywhere but I think it is the finest here. Why? Because I can have a party every day.

Sara Swimfun Joure

About me

I am a blue-yellow macaw. That is a kind of parrot. I have flown in from Africa. Because of the subtropical environment in Swimfun I feel very much at home between all flowers, palm trees and water fun. The team also takes great care of me and in the weekends and holidays I also like to be in the swimming pool and the hall to dance and dance with everyone.

Sara Swimfun

In both the weekends and holidays I visit twice a day. Give me a high five or hug, or take a picture with me! I think everyone is nice and sweet, young or old it does not matter. I am looking forward to seeing you at Swimfun!

Sara Swimfun