Attractions Swimfun Joure

For recreative or sportive swimming you should come to subtropical swimming paradise Swimfun in Joure. We have a spectacular wild water rapid slide, slippery slides and a wave pool. Further there is a super fast indoor rapid, a cold pool, and relaxing bubbles in the whirlpool.
Do you want to know more about our attractions? Look further here.

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Lazy river with outdoor pool

The main attraction in swimming paradise Swimfun is the sensational wild water rapid slide Wild River. At an altitude of almost 5 meters you start a thrilling adventure. The starting point of this spectacular slide is the outdoor pool of 150 m2. You will float along waterfalls and through caves.
Are you brave enough? You can swim outside with us throughout the whole year.

Magic Oval

The Magic Oval is a 55 meter long slide from where you can whirl away like a real daredevil. With, or without, a float you can race your heart out.

Tube Slide

Choose between the 4 different themes through the touchscreen and enjoy tunes and light effects on this 33 meter long slide. Do you want to play a game and break the high score of the day? Touch as many luminous touchpads as you can.

To share your score and picture on social media and the end of the slide you can fill in your email address.

Bubble bath

Come enjoy the relaxing bubbles in the whirlpool. Taking a bubble bath is a relaxation moment that you don’t come by every day.

25 meter pool and wave pool

25 meter pool and wave pool

What is a swimming paradise without a heaving wave pool? In our wave pool it is like swimming in the sea. Every thirty minutes the buzzer will let you know that the waves are coming. If you want to dive or swim lapses, the 25 meter pool is ideal for you.

Cold pool

After all your efforts, you can reduce your body temperature in our little cold pool.

Indoor rapid

You have no choice but to let the rapid carry you away. In the super fast indoor rapid you will spin in circles with your friends.

Toddler pool

The toddler pool is the main attraction for the youngest visitors. Here the little ones can have fun in the warm water with a water-spraying toy and a kids slide. The indoor pool has been designed as a beach shape so that toddlers can easily play here.

Terrace and sunbathing field

During beautiful days you can enjoy the sun on our terrace or find a spot on our large sunbathing field to get a nice tan. With all these facilities in and around our swimming paradise, your day will be fantastic and relaxing.

When will you come to Swimfun for a day?